Talk that talk?No, thanks.



I hate small talk.
I wanna talk about important stuff. Shit which just might actually matter. I wanna talk about death. And life. I wanna talk about aliens and magic and vampires. And are werewolves real?I wanna talk about neutrons and protons and atoms and molecules. I wanna discuss the meaning of life and my role in this universe. I wanna talk about the faraway galaxies and the billions of stars. I wanna know what’s your poison,what music makes you wanna stand up and dance. And which songs make you wanna curl into a fatal ball and protect yourself from it all. I wanna talk about memories. I wanna know about the lies you have woven so effortlessly and your thoughts which come unbidden. Your flaws, your ticks, your happiness triggers, your favorite scents, food you love, genres you dig…I wanna know it all. I wanna know all about your…

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A leading scientist warns about the climate: “The time for debate has ended. Action is urgently needed.”

Fabius Maximus website

Summary: The science establishment is betting its credibility, going all in on extreme climate in preparation for November’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.  The pretense of professional objectivity has been abandoned. The role of science in our society and the political Left — allies in this project — might depend on the weather of the next few years. Have they weighed the stakes vs. the risks?  {2nd of 2 posts today.}

A Burning World

Today’s astounding example of science at work is this editorial by Marcia McNutt — editor-in-Chief of Science and next President of the National Academy of Sciences — in the July 3 issue of Science: “The beyond-two-degree inferno“. Please read it in full, for you’ll see many more such statements this year. I’ll cite a few of its strange elements.

The coming inferno

“Let’s act now, to save the next generations from the consequences…

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Photo101: Architecture and Monochrome

This is Another Story

I was actually dreading this assignment because there are really not much architecture around here that’s worth showing in color let alone in black and white. Now that the project at my other job complete, I just have to go to work once a week to update the inventory and I never bring my camera for that. Then this morning, as I was digging around in search of some landscape pictures, I came across these. They aren’t much but I’m sure they belong in the category of some sort of architecture.

This is a custom home built right next to the neighborhood park. It’s the largest, most unique, and beautiful in the neighborhood. Everyone call this “The Round House” because a large portion of the house is round. A hard-working elderly lady lives there. She is incredibly hard-working. Almost every time we go to the park, we would walk by…

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Tomorrow She is Never Again Four Years Old (Not Even One Dot)

jen groeber: mama art

I look at the clock and it’s 11:34 pm. I picture my newly minted five-year-old, asleep in her bed, covered with the Hello Kitty blanket I stayed up until past midnight last night to make, her hands curled under her ear, like the fiddlehead ferns she begged me to buy in the grocery store last week. I wonder, does she know that she has twenty-six minutes (now twenty) left of being in the in-between?

Because on her birthday this morning, she began as a four-year-old. And four-year-olds are young. They’re like babies. They go to pre-school. They say things like, “I liked it, but only one dot,” and everyone nods in wonderment. They are allowed to lisp. They always get right of way, whether on a bike or in a pool or playing Skipbo. Because they’re just four. And everyone else, at least everyone else in my house…

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Nine circles of hell

Strong Language

For all of its eternal damnation, hell can seem pretty weak when it comes to strong language. Fuck and bitch, say, can rain down some serious fire and brimstone, but hell? Religious-based swears may not bring the same heat they once did in English, but hell still hath a lot of fury if we look at the many ways it bedevils our tongue. From hell yes! to hell-to-the-no, let’s take a tour of some of the linguistic uses—er, circles—of hell. 

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Ramadan Reality Check: Burnout or Speed Up

Muslim Words

For me, the weeks and days leading up to Ramadan are filled with hope, enthusiasm and determination. I look forward to the days and nights of tranquility, and a sense of unity among the ummah, worldwide. I long for the shayateen to be locked up, so that I can begin my soul searching and be steadfast in my worship. Just the thought of having the chance to improve myself and gain both reward and forgiveness seems to relieve my heart and make me happy.

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